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Mary-Anne Pops, Ph.D.

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Dr. Pops agreed to an aggressive deadline for my doctoral dissertation and delivered! She loves what she does and it shows! Don't hesitate to choose Dr. Pops as your editor!
-J.B., Creighton University Doctoral Candidate.

Dr. Mary Anne Pops was more than an editor for my dissertation. She provided an educator’s perspective about my topic and supported me through the writing process. She was available, optimistic, and returned my edits quickly. Our discussions about my writing helped me become a better writer. It was wonderful having a personal coach during my dissertation journey.
M. Harmeier, Ed.D., Brandman University

Finding Dr. Mary-Anne Pops was a godsend. Not only is she an amazing editor, but she is extremely knowledgeable about the dissertation process and took great care in ensuring that deadlines were met. She is caring, thorough, and specific with her feedback. She kept me on track as well while allowing me time to revamp and restructure when I had to change my dissertation chair person midway through. Writing a dissertation is just about the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but working with Dr. Pops made it doable. She worked with me ’til the very end of the process, I would recommend her to anyone in need of an editor because she is excellent at what she does!
J. Fullwood, Ed.D., Brandman University

I have truly enjoyed my experience working with Dr. Pops! From the beginning, she offered support, guidance, and encouragement – three things I was not expecting from an editor! She was in my corner throughout my entire dissertation process and absolutely wanted me to succeed. I cannot express how much confidence she gave me the first time she told me, “That was very well written.” Her positive comments kept me going, even when I really just wanted to stop! I highly recommend Dr. Pops. She is a true student advocate and a pleasure to work with.
M. Dopson, Ed.D., Brandman University

Dr. Pops is not only an amazing editor but a support system in the dissertation process! She worked diligently to make sure that my dissertation was done in a prompt and thorough manner. She worked with me every step of the way to make sure that I could meet all my deadlines and complete my dissertation on time. She even spent extra time learning my university’s formatting procedures to make sure it was done correctly. She was easy to work with and her sense of humor made the process fun and light hearted. Her support was essential to completing this process. I would recommend her to any doctoral student!
S. Rossall, Brandman University

Dr. Pops is an amazing editor! She provided me with encouragement and support throughout my dissertation journey. Dr. Pops was prompt in editing each chapter thoroughly. She met every deadline and was determined to assist me in completing my dissertation on time. I was the first in my cohort to finish and I attribute this to Dr. Pops' excellent feedback and edits. I LOVED her sense of humor! I am thankful to Dr. Pops for her dedication and support. Thank you so much!
I. De Armas, Brandman University.

I cannot thank Dr. Mary-Anne Pops enough for the extraordinary, efficient and expeditious services rendered on my behalf! From my initial communication with Dr. Pops, I was impressed with her quick discernment of understanding the need toward the final closure of my doctoral dissertation. I appreciated how she was able to set her "boundaries" for what she would be able to do, and willingness to meet all deadlines, even past due deadlines! Thank you, Dr. Pops! You delivered all your promises! Thank you for making this dissertation phase so pleasurable!
Edna B., Ed.D. Candidate, Azusa Pacific University

Mary-Anne was a delight to work with. She was willing to work in a non-standard format: two dissertation students working with the same set of data, but writing separate dissertations. Not only did she willingly agree to take on this task, but she was also extremely flexible working around our schedules. Often times she worked with us late into the evening or on weekends. Her patience and sense of humor make the doctoral dissertation process much less stressful. She is an amazing editor and we are so glad we got to work with her. We highly recommend her for any editing needs.
M. Morse, Ed.D., D. Smith, Ed.D., USC.

Mary-Anne is such a pleasure to work with. It was my first time hiring an editor, and she made the process so easy. As a Ph.D. herself, Mary-Anne had gone through the stresses of doctoral work, so she was very understanding, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout the process. It was definitely a plus that Mary-Anne is a retired professor. I felt very comfortable working with her, as it was very similar to the way I interacted with my college professors. She was very straightforward, fair and honest.
Dr. F. Ho, UCLA East Asian Languages and Cultures

Thank you so much Mary-Anne! Your feedback was vital for me to get the dissertation done. You are the perfect combination of flexibility and encouragement. It was like having a therapist and an editor. I'm very grateful for your help.
M.H. Appelgate, UCLA doctoral student

I hired Mary-Anne to edit my doctoral dissertation. She has been great to work with. She helped encourage me to move forward with my writing. There were times when I felt stuck and discouraged, and she knew exactly how to motivate me to continue to write. She is amazing!
Sophia R., Fresno State University, Ed.D.

I appreciated Mary-Anne's flexibility in assisting with the editing of my dissertation. She knows APA style, is an astute grammarian, and came in under my very short timeline! She always communicated that she was not done until I was done, and she went above and beyond to make sure the formatting fit the requirements for both defending and uploading the final document. Thank you!
C. Hamlin Ed.D., USC

Mary-Anne is a superb dissertation editor. She specializes in qualitative research in the social sciences, so my topic and methods were a great fit for her expertise. Dr. Pops is also very well connected within the world of academia (especially education) and her familiarity with the discipline was also a plus. Her prices are more than fair, and I found that negotiating with her was always reasonable (my chapters were very long). She is old school and meticulous with edits, and operates quickly. I would recommend her without reservation to any friend in the social sciences doing qualitative work.
R. Aikins., UCLA Ph.D. Candidate

Working on a doctoral dissertation is a tremendous undertaking. Dr. Pops made the process considerably less stressful. She is very collegial, professional, and easy to work with. She placed my needs and concerns first, and always made sure that my deadlines were met. DR. Pops absolutely exceeded my expectations.
K. Reyes, Columbia Southern Univ.

Mary-Anne edited and formatted my USC doctoral dissertation. She spent numerous hours with me going over my dissertation line by line. She was easy to work with and made me feel comfortable discussing the edits. She also met with me to ensure that my dissertation was formatted according to the USC guidelines. I will always be grateful for her assistance because she relieved so much of the stress I was under. I would recommend Mary-Anne without reservation. She is professional, hard working, and helps you throughout the whole process.
V. Chavez, Orange County, CA

Mary-Anne is an outstanding proofreader. She is the proofreader of my MultiFunding LLC financial services newsletter and blog. Her turn around time is fast, her attention to detail is impeccable, and her comments and suggestions are insightful and right on point.
Ami Kassar, Broad Axe, PA

I could not have completed my master's thesis without Mary-Anne. She turned my paper into a flawless professional document with her attention to detail and expertise in editing and proofreading. I would use her again and recommend her with the highest regard. I am so grateful for her.
J. Loomis, CLU

Working with Mary-Anne was a pleasure! I was extremely overwhelmed and nervous about writing and editing my personal statement for law school and she was able to help relieve a good deal of that stress. She was professional when we worked together; she stayed in contact with me throughout the process and always seemed eager to help me succeed. I very much enjoyed working with Mary-Anne!
C. Smith, Cal State Long Beach.

Dr. Pops was extremely helpful in helping me edit my personal statement for medical school. Not only did she help make the essay coherent, but she often asked the right questions that made be really think about what I was trying to get across with my words. I would recommend her for any editing services that you need!
Sarah C., Santa Clarita, CA.

Mary-Anne was a tremendous help. I had hit a wall when it came to writing my personal statement for law school and she helped me set deadlines and break through my writer's block. Mary-Anne was beyond helpful, and her editing skills are tremendous.
A. Jones, UCSD

Mary-Anne is great at what she does! I was so stressed about having a flawless personal statement on my graduate school application, and she definitely helped me achieve everything I wanted and more. She is not only personable, she is beyond helpful. She made writing my personal statement a breeze. She is one of a kind and I would highly recommend her for any editing work. Thanks, Mary-Anne!
B. Stumbo, San Diego Christian College.

I knew Mary-Anne Pops first as my advisor in my teaching credential program. She had always been very professional and meticulous in grading my coursework and had really taken time to get to know me as a person. So when I decided to apply to graduate school I thought to call for help with my resume and the Statement of Purpose that is on every graduate school application. She met with me personally. We sat side by side and she helped me refine my Statement of Purpose and resume until I was comfortable submitting it to some very competitive graduate programs. She was especially helpful in making my essay grammatically correct and concise, which I know are qualities that graduate schools look for in applications. Her rates were very reasonable—well worth the hours she spent with me. I would definitely use Mary-Anne again for future editing needs. Thank you Mary-Anne!
Katherine G., Sherman Oaks, CA

Mary-Anne is fabulous! She met with me three times in 10 days to edit personal statements for grad school for a few top tier universities. Editing your own statement or having friends "look it over" is not really feasible when you're working full time and the stakes are higher. I would highly recommend Mary-Anne's editing services. She helped me develop a strong thesis, corrected grammar, strengthened vocabulary, and fixed paragraph placements so that my statements flowed and stayed on topic. Her rates are very competitive and well worth it, considering how high her standards are. She won't rest till she feels the work is perfect!
Radhika K., Cerritos, CA

I cannot thank you enough for all the time you spent with me editing my application to the doctoral program at the University of Wisconsin. You did a wonderful job organizing the three main points I wanted to emphasize in the admission essay, and you took so much care in making sure that the grammar and punctuation were correct. I know my essay was an important factor in helping me gain admittance to the doctoral program I wanted.
Liz G., Doctoral Student, University of Wisconsin-Madison

As a former student of Dr. Pops, I sought her help after my husband was transferred to a new position and we needed to relocate. I am so glad that I did. She really takes the time to get to know her clients. I found her expertise in the field, her guidance, and her constructive feedback on my resume and cover letters to be tremendously helpful. Dr. Pops helped me define my skill set and find the best words to convey my strengths as an educator. Thank you, Dr. Pops!
Laura B., San Diego

I was a student of Dr. Pops while pursuing my Multiple Subjects Credential. When it came time to write my resume and compose a cover letter Dr. Pops helped me every step of the way, just as she did when I was her student. She sat with me and made sure every thought I wanted to convey was clearly articulated. I highly recommend having Dr. Pops edit your written work.
M. Sheppard, Northridge, CA

I want to thank you for your invaluable advice and knowledge in assisting me with my resume. I felt very comfortable working with you. I appreciate all your hard work and effort in taking my resume to the next level. I know that it will be just a matter of time before I get back into the work force. Once again, thank you so much for your assistance.
Y. Okamoto

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